About Argent

Argent International is a 3M Preferred Converter specializing in the fabrication and distribution of unique adhesive and die-cut solutions – for over 40 years.

Protective Face Shields and other Personal Protection Equipment PPE may be our latest product line but our commitment has always been to manufacture products of the highest quality and that has been fundamental to our success. Argent is IATF 16949 certified and ISO 14001 certified. Through a wide variety of converting technologies, we offer a great diversity of products ranging from simple die cut tapes, seals and gaskets, to fully-assembled sub-components. We utilize over 250 different raw materials used for attachment, buzz, squeak & rattle / NVH, EMI shielding, fastening, gasketing & sealing, labeling, printing & identification, masking, safety, surface protection, wind noise / sound dampening, and much more!

Argent is more than just a tape converter; we are problem solvers. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of engineers are always ready and willing to develop custom solutions for any scenario. Our manufacturing equipment is second to none. Monthly, we manufacture over 20 million individual parts with 350 unique part numbers, and have the capability to produce unlimited part configurations. You can feel confident that your parts will be delivered on time and with complete precision.

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For over 40 years Argent International has specialized in the fabrication and distribution of unique adhesive and die-cut solutions – and now Personal Protective Equipment. Our team is ready to serve you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Argent International Solve My Needs?

Each month we manufacture over 20 million individual parts with 50 unique part numbers, and we have the ability to produce unlimited part configurations.

What Kind of Facilities Do You Have?

Our production facility is over 84,000 sq. ft and is located in Plymouth, Michigan. We have in-house steel rule die, matched metal, combo die design, custom printing equipment and more.

What Markets Does Argent International Serve?

Argent International produces die-cut solutions for the Automotive & Transportation, Medical & Healthcare, Industrial, Electronics, Aerospace and Defense industries.

How Much Experience Does Your Team Have?

Our Engineering Team has over 40 years experience in developing creative applications which address our customers’ unique manufacturing needs. Our ability to deliver innovative solutions through complete engineering support makes us distinct.